Spirit, Mind, Body, Relationships, and Finances

Are you prepared for life and self discovery?

The Path of Life Journal: Your Personal Journey, an insightful book by Author, Pamela Sanders Ellis, O.D., Ph.D. provides comprehensive ”laws of attraction” instruction and exercises to enhance spirituality, mental health, energy, strength, improved appearance, and overall wellness from a Christian perspective.

Commit to engaging life’s challenges with a quarterly game plan to win despite real, or perceived difficulties, or even barriers.

Readers of this book are informed and inspired to search deeper into the realms of the mystery of God in themselves and in others by way of self-knowledge and wisdom of their God-given life calling. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Readers’ Favorite – Reviewed by Lesley Jones, “The Path of Life Journal by Pamela Sanders Ellis is filled with golden nuggets of information and techniques that will minimize your chances of procrastination or failure…If you are looking to enhance your spirituality, find peace, and a deeper understanding of your behavior and belief system, then this guide is a definite must-read for you.”

The Path of Life Journal: Your Personal Journey

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